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  • Queridos estudiantes, acá les dejo los temas y el texto base para la parte 4 del examen final:
Kid´s world 4 -  page 97 (omnivores - hervibores - carnibores)

Kid´s world 4 -  page 98 (the life cycle)

Kid´s world 4 -  page 99 (ecosystem)

Kid´s world 4 -  page 95 (plant habitats))

Comparatives and Superlatives

Wh- questions

  • Este sera el texto para la parte 4, compresión lectora, ya el texto a continuación, fue trabajado en clases:

Caño Cristales, The Most Beautiful Stream In The World.
Once you arrive at the stream, which is only 100 km long and rises in the middle of the 630,000 hectares of Serrania de la Macarena, a wonderful view of yellow, green, orange, purple, and red algae is displayed in the waters that flow into the Guayabero river. (…)
Among magical natural pools, rapids and stepped waterfalls are the algae macarenia clavigera, which turn colorful in the raining season after living almost dry half of the year, when the flow of the river is very low. There are about 40 genera and 200 species of algae. On the banks of the river are trees that make the stream an oasis in the hot surrounding area. More than 420 species of birds can be found in the Serrania de la Macarena.
Firmly attached to the rocks, the algae cover the bed of the river with striking colors from July to November. It is during these months that the most beautiful stream of the world is open for tourists.

1Caño Cristales rises in ______________
2.  In this habitat there are more than ______________ algae.

3. The colors of Caño Cristales are because of ________ bird species
4. The colors of Caño Cristales can see only be seen from ________. (months)
5. Write their meanings of the next words:

A. Firmly:
B. Middle:
C. Stream:

D. Algae:

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