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  • Temas y paginas Kids´world 6 para estudiar:
Kid´s world 6 -  page 102

The prince and the pouper (vocabulary)

Present Perfect-  Questions

Wh - Questions


Marco was a five- year old boy who survived an accident and ended up living in a cave after having wandered through the mountains. He was taken in by pack of wolves which offered him shelter since the beginning. There, he grew up and played with the wolves and all animals around which hosted him as one of their own kind. He learned how to hunt animals, which he shared with his family. He had long hair and long nails. He was half-naked and covered his body with deer skin.

Twelve years after his disappearance, he was found by a forest guard named Hector. Hector caught him with the help of rescue team. At the beginning he showed resistance and the aggressive behavior of wolves. Eventually, they took him to an assistance center where his hair was cut and was forced to have a shower and put on clothes. The wild child could not speak at the beginning – he just growled. But after some time and after receiving good treatment, he learned how to behave like a normal person.

After some time, he decided to visit the cave where he had lived before. The he found his wolf brothers which smelled him and recognized him. They asked him to stay with them. However, Marco, who was no longer a wild child, knew that this was not his world and rejected their proposal.

1.The story of the wolf child from the mountain tells:

The story of_______________________________________________________________________

2. The main character´s name is____________

3. How old was the child when he was rescued?

4. After some time, he decided to visit the cave where he had lived; however, he did not stay because:

5. Write their meanings of the next words:
  • Know:
  • Wild:
  • Disappearance:

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